Uranium Mining Stocks List – BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium, UEX.TO, DML.TO, LAM.TO, PDN.TO, HAT.V

by Olivier on January 13, 2010

Today BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium made an impressive move and exploded to the upside. This is a great example to show what kind of stocks I am looking for and how I am trading. The goal is to find and trade the strongest stocks within a sector that is moving up. In this case most Uranium mining stocks are not moving up and are mostly trading sideways. The long-term weekly U.TO Uranium Participation chart is a picture perfect visual representation of this sideways trend. The 30 MA displayed in the chart is the one Stan Weinstein uses in his book. It could be a 35 or a 40 MA. It doesn’t matter. The key is to identify the slope of the moving average. The best long buy entry points are pullbacks towards a moving average with an upward slope. This is clearly not the case with the U.TO – Uranium Participation chart at this point in time.

U.TO - Uranium Participation

Up-to-date U.TO – Uranium Participation chart on my public list.

BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium on the other hand is one of the few uranium mining stocks trading in a clearly defined uptrend. Furthermore BSK.V is trading at a 52 week high and has no immediate overhead resistance. I am beating a dead horse here. My experience clearly shows traders that are new to the game do not understand this concept.

My point is: Always go with the strongest stocks within a sector. Odds they will continue surprising to the upside are much higher. As I’ve stated recently, a strong stock is your best hedge as it can move up significantly even if the underlying commodity is moving sideways. BSK.V’s move today is a perfect demonstration of the aforementioned strategy.

BSK.V - Blue Sky Uranium Argentina

Up-to-date BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium chart on my public list.

Here’s a list of stocks in the uranium sector I am watching. Some are part of my Uranium Sector Overview Chart:

  • U.TO – Uranium Participation
  • BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium
  • UEX.TO – UEX Corp.
  • PDN.TO – Paladin Energy
  • LAM.TO – Laramide Resources
  • URE.TO / URG – Ur Energy
  • DML.TO / DNN – Denison Mines
  • HAT.V – Hathor Exploration

Buying the strongest stocks within a sector is your best insurance.

Have a great evening!

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