Silver Exploration And Junior Mining Stock List + Silver Sector Overview Chart

by Olivier on December 2, 2009

This is a follow up to the big cap silver mining stock sector overview chart addition to my public list. I compiled another chart with small cap junior and exploration companies in the silver mining business. This can’t possibly be a comprehensive list. There are too many compelling and promising silver stocks out there. My goal is to provide a means to quickly compare performance within the same sector and to compare the performance of small caps versus big caps within that specific sector. The components of the chart will change over time. It all depends on the stock’s performance.

Right now the Small Cap Silver Sector Overview Chart contains the following companies:

  • EXK – Endeavour Silver
  • AXU – Alexco Resource Corp.
  • FVI.V – Fortuna Silver Mines
  • OK.V – Orko Silver
  • MRZ.V – Mirasol Resources
  • IPT.V – Impact Silver

Below is the long term chart of silver. Technically speaking silver is going to go much higher. I am not in the business of predicting price targets, but long term a double looks feasible.

Silver Price

Up-to-date Big Format Silver Chart on my public list.
Up-to-date Small Format Silver Chart on my public list.

Lots of people consider silver to be a purely industrial metal and forget about silver’s monetary aspect. I disagree. The main reason why I disagree is the following: Keep in mind the fact that in lots of languages around the world the words for ‘money‘ and ‘silver’ are identical. Two prominent examples are the Spanish word ‘plata’ and the French word ‘argent’. I consider having some exposure to physical gold and silver a sound insurance policy.

Have a great evening!

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