YUII – Yuhe International + SPU SkyPeople Fruit Juice – Chinese Small Cap Stocks With Strong Bullish Charts

by Olivier on March 2, 2010

Two Chinese small cap food stocks made their way into my portfolio. I am seeing plenty of great chart setups and still lots of people out there are very skeptic when it comes to being outright bullish. This mindset of doubt and disbelief is a great environment for stocks to continue to move up. The more great bullish setups you can find the higher the odds the market as a whole will move up. As usual, the best insurance you can ‘buy’ as a trader is to own stocks with strong charts that have almost no overhead resistance. That’s exactly what I did today. I bought very aggressive Chinese smallcap stocks with extremely strong charts. This stuff has the potential to stage explosive moves to the upside even if the markets simply move sideways.

The stated goal of my website is ‘Trading High Potential Stocks’. The two stocks YUII – Yuhe International and SPU – SkyPeople Fruit Juice are exactly the type of stocks I am looking for. They are in the Agriculture/ Food business and the fact their operations are based in China make them high potential story stocks as the investing public has yet to discover them.

A picture is worth a thousand words… So here’s the charts to illustrate the strong technicals and the Overhead Resistance situation.

Bullish flag / wedge chart pattern:

SPU - SkyPeople Fruit Juice China Food Stock Technical Analyis Price Chart

Up-to-date SPU – SkyPeople Fruit Juice chart on my public list.

Bullish ascending triangle chart pattern:

YUII Yuhe International China Food Stock Technical Analysis Price Chart

Up-to-date YUII – Yuhe International chart on my public list.

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