KIV.V Kivalliq Energy And BSK.V Blue Sky Uranium Show Early Signs Of Bullish Wedges

by Olivier on April 26, 2010

We still need more time and price confirmation in order to speak of a Uranium Price Turnaround. As of yet this is nothing I would bet the farm on, but I am willing to put on a position with the one stock I consider the best bet in the Uranium sector. That’s what I did with KIV.V – Kivalliq Energy. Going through my public list I decided to redraw the charts of KIV.V – Kivalliq Energy and BSK.V – Bluesky Uranium. Both show early signs of potential bullish wedges in the making. Another uranium stock showing first signs of strength is FRG – Fronteer Development Group.

That’s about it when it comes to the pros. The cons are DNN / DML.TO – Denison Mines which closed down and didn’t follow through today and FIS.V – Fission Energy one of the early leaders which is falling back again. Overall a lot more Uranium stocks will need to start moving up otherwise all the bullish signs I see right now might end up being nothing more than wishful thinking.

Here’s the two potentially bullish wedges in the making I see. Interestingly Ross Beaty has invested in both stocks.

KIV.V TSX Venture Kivalliq Energy Bullish Wedge Uranium Technical Analysis Price Chart

Up-to-date KIV.V – Kivalliq Energy chart on my public list.

BSK.V TSX Venture Blue Sky Uranium Bullish Wedge Technical Analysis Price Chart

Up-to-date BSK.V – Blue Sky Uranium chart on my public list.

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My public list with all my charts can be viewed here:

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