Robin Griffiths Audio Interview – S&P 500 Index Headed For A Low In October

by Olivier on July 19, 2010

Nothing really unexpected happening. Friday the market tested resistance and headed lower. We are still moving back and forth within a lower highs and lower lows scenario. A few select strong stocks might be able to move higher still, but overall staying defensive is the way to go right now.

In the meantime listen to the excellent and very interesting Audio Interview with Robin Griffiths from Kingworldnews. Here’s the road map for the S&P 500 Index according to his analysis: The markets are headed for a low in October. Then we’ll have another rally with the markets tanking in 2011 in order to then test or even break the March 2009 low.

In the end predictions do not matter. Watching price and reacting to it is the name of the game. Until we don’t print higher highs the path of least resistance is down.

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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