Rob McEwen Video Interview – Gold 5000 US$ And Silver 200 US$ Price Targets

by Olivier on July 26, 2011

Rob McEwen has long been predicting much higher gold and silver prices. In this video interview he sticks to his former predictions of gold ultimately going to 5.000 US Dollars over the next 4 to 5 years. In that same time period he sees silver reaching 200 US$.

Now don’t get me wrong, predictions are just that. Predictions. Then again Rob McEwen brings up valid points. He is also one of the calm and focused guys out there backing up what he is stating with actual facts. This is not blindly ‘hedging against Armageddon’ as one of the interviewers suggests. This is the result of his analysis of the current debt situation, the money printing going on and gold’s role as a means to protect one’s capital and purchasing power. He did some great analysis in the past especially when it comes to the Dow-Gold ratio. I added his comments below my public list chart almost 3 years ago. His track record speaks for himself. I am not even mentioning his huge success building GG – Goldcorp.

Dow – Gold Ratio Chart

Interesting Rob Mc Ewen video on ‘Why gold is money’
Video interview with Victor Sperandeo on higher price targets for precious metals

Gold isn’t money. – Ben Bernanke
Gold is money. – Rob McEwen

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