WLT Walter Energy Coal Stock – Potential Short Squeeze Opportunity

by Olivier on August 5, 2014

Today I bought a position in WLT and subsequently posted my thoughts on Twitter. WLT – Walter Energy a coal stock is offering a compelling short squeeze opportunity. The stock closed near its high of the day so that is a positive sign. If we get more follow through tomorrow and the stock proceeds to take out today’s intraday high at 6.51 we could witness a vicious short covering rally.

The rationale for a long entry is simple: If you are positioned on the short side you are shorting a stock that has gone nowhere but down for years. Earnings came out a few days ago. The stock initially went lower then refused to continue lower. Now it has printed a higher low and a higher high. The incentive to stay short if the stock keeps moving higher is very low. Hence going long is the path of least resistance. A close below today’s low at 5.81 invalidates the immediate short squeeze scenario.

The following charts suggest a price target around 8$. The daily chart shows a gap area that could act as a price magnet. The weekly chart allows for a mean reversion trade towards the weekly MA 30. If price slightly overshoots the weekly MA 30 we get the same 8$ target.

Daily WLT Walter Energy technical chart analysis. Click to enlarge:

Weekly WLT Walter Energy technical chart analysis. Click to enlarge:

Coal Sector Overview Chart containing: KOL – Coal ETF, ARLP – Alliance Resource Partners, BTU – Peabody Energy, ANR – Alpha Natural Resources, ACI – Arch Coal, WLT – Walter Energy:

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