FPX.V First Point Minerals – Impressive Nickel Stock Chart + Nickel Sector Overview JJN, DM.TO, FRA.TO, ANF.V, NI.TO

by Olivier on February 18, 2010

Just finished updating my public list and updated quite a few sector overview charts.
A few noteworthy changes and additions that I implemented over the last few days:

One valuable aspect of the Sector Overview Charts in addition to being able to compare the strength of a specific stock with its peers, is that due to the fact the charts are compressed noise is reduced significantly. This is a huge time saver and it increases odds of making rational and objective buy decisions. Always try to buy the strongest stocks that have no overhead resistance issues.

Tonight I added a Nickel Sector Overview Chart as FPX.V popped up in my scans. Right now it is obviously one of the strongest charts within the nickel sector. The Nickel Overview Chart contains the following tickers:

  • JJN – iPath Dow Jones AIG Nickel Total Return ETN
  • FPX.V – First Point Minerals
  • DM.TO – Duluth Metals
  • FRA.TO – Franconia Minerals
  • ANF.V – Anfield Nickel
  • NI.TO – Victory Nickel

Overall the Nickel stocks do not look that compelling. ANF. Anfield Nickel is a stock Ross Beaty has significantly invested in. So that makes it something worth watching. Technically speaking FPX.V is the strongest one. Instead of chasing the stock let’s see if it offers some decent trade entry point after a consolidation period.

From FPX.V – First Point Minerals website:

First Point Minerals Corp., is a Canadian exploration company engaged in the acquisition and development of economic base metal, mainly nickel and precious metal minerals deposits in the Americas. First Point holds six nickel-iron alloy properties in Canada and the USA, as well as several gold and silver properties located in Mexico and Central America.

First Point first recognized the potential exploration and processing characteristics of a nickel-iron alloy target in 2007 and viewed this new style of nickel mineralization as a viable economic mine deposit. The recently completed Decar Nickel Property Option/Joint Venture agreement with Cliffs Natural Resources, a major mining company, has been very favourably received by the investment community as Cliff’s metallurgical and operating experience with large scale magnetic separation may have direct application to the Decar project. First Point’s exploration expertise and Cliff’s significant metallurgical and operating skills will be a powerful combination to advance this exciting nickel project toward development. Cliff’s private placement in First Point will allow First Point to deploy its proprietary knowledge of this mineralization to identify other nickel-iron alloy properties around the world.

The significant impact of this nickel alloy target at Decar on reducing mining and environmental costs can not be understated when compared to conventional sulphide and oxide (laterite) nickel deposits. The absence of sulphur in the nickel-iron alloy will not only eliminate smelter costs as the processed product can be sold directly to the steel mills, but mitigate the harmful environmental effects usually associated with the characteristics of traditional sulphide deposits.

The First Point team has over 120 years of exploration and management experience in over 30 countries and is led by Dr. Peter M.D. Bradshaw and Dr. Ron Britten who collectively have been instrumental in the discovery, exploration and advancement of seven major mines in various parts of the world.

If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Have a great evening!

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