SLV Silver ETF Technical Outlook – Youtube Video Analysis

by Olivier on November 25, 2014

The Silver technicals have slightly improved, but Silver is still in a falling tops downtrend. Here is my original Silver Falling Tops Chart Analysis. You might want to review it before you watch the video.

If there is one thing I have learned during conversations with readers, then it is the following: 95% are overwhelmed by the complexity of the information when it comes to TA concepts.

Just because I think something is easy to grasp it doesn’t mean it is easy for someone who is not living and breathing the markets. These short educational videos are an attempt to clarify and explain the main concepts I talk about all the time. After all, I am running the website to help you. Enjoy the video!

For those who read my website via RSS or email website updates, simply click on Silver Technical Outlook – Video Analysis to watch the video.

CORRECTION: The moving average in the video of course is not the weekly MA 30 but the daily MA 200. It doesn’t matter at all. The concepts I talk about in the video are exactly the same.

Hat tip to David over at Financetrends for tonight’s quote:

I have long since learned, as we all should learn, not to make excuses when wrong. Just admit it and try to profit from it. – Jesse Livermore


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